Tired of eating dry breadcrumbs off the kitchen floor of your masters? Are you a desperate illegal immigrant in need of money? Looking to leave the past behind and start a new life?

You might be in the right place!

If you have any unique skills suitable for any of the listed positions you best contact us now!

Chief Technology Officer

Grimm Bros seeking a CTO to join our adventures!

Our illustrious indie game studio Grimm Bros is offering a once-in-a-life-time opportunity! We are seeking a CTO to help guide our small band of developers into the bold future!


  • 10+ years of programming experience or equivalent experience
  • 2+ game titles shipped on PC/PS4/Xbox/Switch
  • Self Motivated
  • Leadership experience in managing other developers
  • Collaborative
  • Good sense of humor a must
  • C/C++ guru
  • Familiar with Unity & Unreal Engines (Lumberyard a plus!)


  • 100% remote work online
  • Part-time efforts welcome (Late nights/Weekends)
  • Equity in Grimm Bros
  • Equal revenue split on projects
  • Being part of a great group of developers :)

If you think you have what it takes and have a burning desire to make awesome shit - join us. At the end of our days - all we truly have is ourselves - our memories and accomplishments. Life is too short to compromise on your dreams.

Email with the subject line: I am your new CTO !!! Send us an email at contact@grimm-bros.com